Team Selection

Your team selection must include.
  • 3 Batsmen
  • 3 Bowlers
  • 1 Keeper
  • For every available/live game you can make only 1 team.
  • You can select max 6 players from one team.

You have to make your team with a budget of 100,000 and this will remain constant across all available games.

Team Changes/Transfers Stages

Team Changes/Transfers will be available in the game home page.
  • Changes/transfers will be available based on the number of matches in a certein game.
  • You will get Unlimited transfers before the start of the first match of the game.
  • If a game having Test Matches , ODIs and T20s or any 2 combinations then game will be divided into stages
  • Therefore before start of every stage transfers will be unlimited.

Result Prediction

When you create your team you must predict result too, your predicted result give you certein points on basis on match type.
  • Correct prediction will give you points.
  • No negative points for incorrect/wrong predictions.
  • Points award for correct predition see ScoringPoints


  • You must create your team first before creating league.
  • You can create only one league in one game but you can join as many leagues as wish.
  • You cannot remove/delete league which you have created , however you can leave any league which you joined earlier.
  • Top Leagues will based on number of teams in a league.